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Pet Rescue Romance Collection - Yellowstone Country
SKU: 9798223211389

The Pet Rescue Romance Series - Yellowstone Country Book Bundle

Seven books in one! A sweet, later-in-life romance collection, five books in all, set in the area of Yellowstone National Park featuring delightful animals in each story and yummy recipes at the end of each story! Plus, readers have opportunity to download a FREE short story! A percentage of all purchases are donated by the author to animal rescue organizations.

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Paws-itively Love
SKU: 9798215472026

Will a chance at new love open their hearts or will a family member’s revengeful plot tear them apart?

Brittany Christiansen and Gary Anderson first met several years ago. They meet again at a Montana ranch, both wary about love. However, the more they spend time together, they closer they become. Just as they allow the armor to slip and expose their vulnerability, Gary’s unscrupulous uncle returns to Montana, seeking revenge on those who put him in jail years before. That includes Brittany’s aunt and uncle with whom she's staying. Will the man’s ruthless tactics tear Brittany and Gary apart or will love, and the law, prevail?
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In the Shadow of Mount Moran
SKU: 9798215399323

Will the grandeur of the Teton Mountain Range and the discovery of a lost dog help two people wary of love open their hearts once more?
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Sadie the Smiling Spaniel: Finding Joy in the Little Things of Life
SKU: 979-8865973225

A springer spaniel named Sadie finds joy in many things. She explores, takes walks, and travels with her humans and her best dog friend named Jay. She finds butterflies, squirrels, listens to birds, and smells the flowers of spring. She dashes through the snow in winter, and takes naps on the couch inside the house. In everything, she finds joy. Sadie wants to take you on a joyful journey in life, and she wants you to discover what brings you joy. Join Sadie on the adventure of finding joy in the little things of life!
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Love Takes Flight
SKU: 9798223486091

Family saga, rescued animals, love interests, wildlife and majestic Montana scenery, all woven into a sweet romance story.

Eleanor Davis inherits the family farm and plans new projects to keep the property solvant. Meeting Nathan Ford, who knew and helped her grandfather, brings new light to her life and excitement for what may lie ahead. However, secrets they each hold could destroy their fledgling love. A sweet, contemporary romance about forgiveness and healing with elements of pet rescue and family saga.
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Paws-ing for Love
SKU: 979-8201344412

Christmas Hope or Heartbreak?

Colter, Montana waltzes in brilliance during winter, with glistening snow on mountain peaks and diamond-like frost on trees and rivers. Romance and dreams flourish in this Christmas card setting. However, news of friends missing after a raging blizzard and a later accident and subsequent illness disrupt the lives of Rhiann and Levi Butler, who operate a horse ranch and pet rescue sanctuary. Will the joy of Christmas be silenced or strengthened after a pair of stray animals take refuge at the Butlers' property? Can a cat named Mina and a Corgi christened Maverick deliver hope or will they add more heartache for a couple and community struggling with fear and sorrow?

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Finding Love at Compassion Ranch
SKU: 979-8640712735

A ranch like no other …
Erin Christiansen is still adjusting to life as a widow. She seeks additional healing by volunteering at Compassion Ranch, a sanctuary for former research animals. Upon arrival at the majestic and unique northwestern Wyoming ranch, she meets Mike, a man she knew in high school, whose compassion for animals and people might be the balm Erin needs.Retired veterinarian Mike Jacobs is no stranger to loss. Five years after the accidental death of his wife, he now serves as ranch manager of Compassion Ranch. He not only fixes fence and provides tours, but he applies his veterinary skills and his heart for animals to his work. Upon recognizing Erin from high school, he can barely believe his first love will spend a few weeks at the sanctuary. Can Erin and Mike span the years since they have seen each other or do they, like many of the rescued animals, have wounds that run too deep to trust and love again?
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Rescue Road

Freelance writer Rhiann Kelly shelved romance for years. Her dream of starting an animal sanctuary takes deep roots after finding the perfect location in southwestern Montana and purchasing the property for back taxes. Emergency medical technician Levi Butler knows his elderly friend left the ranch to him in his will. Levi anxiously awaits the probate to be complete so he can plan his retirement and begin his dream of raising and selling horses.When Rhiann and Levi find each other at the ranch simultaneously,sparks fly - and not the romantic kind. Yet their mutual attraction deepens, especially after Levi finds Rhiann injured in an accident. Meantime, land developer Dallas Patterson sets his sights on charming Rhiann to obtain the land.Can Rhiann and Levi work together to detour Patterson and find a solution in which neither needs to give up their dream or will the fence line of their hearts – and the property - separate them forever? Can their broken paths weave their hearts together as they travel the rescue road?
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Walking in Trust: Lessons Learned With My Blind Dog
SKU: 978-0981892962

"What good is a blind dog?" My husband and I were asked that question several times when we told friends our springer spaniel would eventually become blind due to a genetic disease. What good is a blind dog? You might think you don't need that kind of issue on top of all your other problems. Some people might give the dog away. Or, like us, you might keep your pet and bond even closer as you work to see together. My husband and I discovered great value in our dear dog, not monetarily, but in the life and faith lessons she taught. In the process of figuring out how to adjust to her blindness, the God who created people and blind dogs may taught us valuable lessons about really seeing and trusting ... lessons that will not make all problems go away but will increases faith, hope and joy in the midst of them. Come journey with us and discover these wonderful character and spiritual lessons!
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A Dog Named Mary Visits Yellowstone National Park
SKU: 978-1097992638

Dogs love to explore. Mary is a springer spaniel, and she loves taking trips in the car and exploring places when she arrives. Come along on Mary's adventure to the world's first national park, Yellowstone, and experience the many wonders with her! Learn about the area's many wildlife species, the geysers, and the history of this special place. You can also write your own Outdoor Explorer Story! Includes activity pages to educate and encourage children to spend time in the outdoors near or away from home and vocabulary words to improve their reading and understanding of science.
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My Montana Love
SKU: 979-8713018979

Crisis and Chaos in Paradise
Rhiann and Levi married five years ago. Their blissful life on a Paradise Valley, Montana ranch, buying, breeding, and selling horses and operating a rescued animal sanctuary, is challenged when Levi experiences a health crisis. A much-anticipated anniversary trip to Ireland postponed, an unexpected financial situation, and a past traumatic experience she thought she had put behind her causes Rhiann to face critical decisions. Can she keep the ranch and sanctuary solvent and her marriage intact, or will these incidents cloud her judgment and cause chaos she cannot control?
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