Sweet Romance Book Connoisseurs: Meet Aminata (Ami) Coote!

Feb 13, 2024 by Gayle M Irwin
Reading is a cozy thing to do during the winter months.

I met Aminata (Ami) Coote online and over Zoom last year. We both contributed sweet romance stories to an anthology that benefited charity. I’ve enjoyed getting to know her and her romance books, and so today, I’d like you, my blog readers, to also get to know Ami and her stories, in her particular her new release Her Fake Wedding Date. 

Help me welcome Aminata (Ami) Coote!

Tell us a bit about yourself, Ami – when did you start writing books? 
I started writing in my second year of high school in response to a challenge. A classmate intimated that because I'd read so many books, I should be able to write one. Until that point, I'd never considered it, but the idea was fascinating, so I set out to write a story.

In those days, I read a lot of Sweet Dreams and Sweet Valley High books, and that was what I imitated.

What genre do you write? 
I write Christian nonfiction, specifically focusing on Bible studies, Christian living and devotionals. I also write Christian contemporary romance.

How many romance books have you written?
Excluding the books I wrote in high school or the short stories in my Orange Valley series, I've written 16 romances. I'm still working on publishing some of those. 

Why do you write?
This question holds a dual meaning for me. First and foremost, I believe writing is my gift—the thing God created me to do. Secondly, I write to share what I've learned with others and to offer new perspectives.  I write for women who enjoy a good romance but also want a story that strengthens or encourages their faith. 


Tell us about your new book, Falling For Her Fake Wedding Date.
Falling For Her Fake Wedding Date tells the story of Emma and Carlos. She needs a date for her sister’s wedding, he's a date for hire. The problem? He liked her before, but now they're not allowed to date because of the terms of their contract. 

Here's the official blurb:

Can a date for hire become the love of a lifetime?
When Emma Sinclair's younger sister announces her engagement, Emma is determined not to face the wedding alone. With a plan to hire a plus one, she's ready to find the perfect date.

Carlos Gonzalez dreams of leaving his firefighter days behind to open a custom body shop. To make his dream a reality, he moonlights as a date for hire, offering companionship with no strings attached.

When Emma hires Carlos to be her wedding date, their connection is electric. Amid the celebration, they discover a deeper bond. But Carlos faces the ultimate challenge—proving that his feelings for Emma are authentic and not just part of the job.

Why did you want to write this book?
Emma’s character first showed up in His Perfect Family and I knew I wanted to delve further into her story as she was an intriguing character.

Things got really interesting in His Perfect Choice when Carlos couldn't take his eyes off Emma.

What do you hope audiences take away from the story?
Many times, people assign labels to us or try to force us into a role or characterization we were never meant to occupy. These voices can be so loud, they mar our core selves. I want readers to be reminded that our identity and worth are found in Christ.  No matter how loud those other voices are, the thing that matters most is what our Creator says about us.


Interested in learning more and buying Aminata’s new book Falling For Her Fake Wedding Date when it releases February 23rd? Pre-order via this link: https://books2read.com/FallingForHerFake

How can people find you?
I can be found on many major platforms as Aminata Coote, but I’m most active on Facebook and Instagram. You may also join my email community by signing up at tinyurl.com/AmiCNL. 

Aminata Coote Author Links:
Website: https://aminatacoote.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AminataCoote

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aminatacoote/

Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/stores/Aminata-Coote/author/B0773CSDKG

BookBub: https://tinyurl.com/AminataCooteBookBub

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/17239871.Aminata_Coote

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@AminataCoote

Remember Aminata’s new book, Falling for Her Fake Wedding Date, releases February 23, 2024. Pre-order here: https://books2read.com/FallingForHerFake

Author Bio
Aminata Coote’s love affair with books began with an upside-down copy of Silas Marner. She’s passionate about helping women understand the truth of the Bible for themselves. She writes stories that point to a God bigger than our failings and provides hope to others. Aminata lives in Montego Bay, Jamaica with her husband and son. In addition to her romance books,  Aminata also writes Bible studies and devotionals. Her Christian nonfiction titles include Through God’s Eyes: Marriage Lessons for Women and The Battle Is Not Yours: 21 Devotions for Spiritual Warfare. Connect with her on her website, aminatacoote.com, or on Instagram or Facebook @aminatacoote. Learn more about her books at https://aminatacoote.com/books-by-aminata-coote/. Join her community by signing up at tinyurl.com/AmiCNL.