New Children’s Book Emphasizes the Importance of Kindness

Mar 15, 2022 by Gayle M Irwin

Kindness counts, in all its various forms. Unsplash photo

From Gayle: Kindness -- the world needs a lot more of that. I’m happy to welcome children’s author Christina Dankert to the blog. She and I ‘met’ during last year’s Women in Publishing Summit, and I learned of her desire to publish a children’s book about kindness. Her dream has come true – The Kindness Machine releases this month! In this week’s post, Christina tells us about her new book and why she believes teaching kids, and reading to them, about kindness is vital, especially in today’s world. Welcome, Christina!


The Kindness Machine

Teaching children about kindness is important because it can make a big impact in the lives of others and in our own lives. Adults can model kindness through their words and actions. Kindness can be talked about every single day; however, if a child is not able to see and feel kindness, the concept simply will not stick. I am an elementary teacher, and I believe that picture books are wonderful springboards to begin so many beautiful conversations. The concepts in The Kindness Machine are simple and can easily be added to daily routines.

I wrote The Kindness Machine because I believe that through kindness, we can truly change the world. Unlike so many other things, kindness does not have to cost any money and does not take a lot of time. If we teach children how to be kind, not by simply telling them “to be kind,” but by taking opportunities to show what kindness looks and feels like, we are carving a path for a better world. The purpose of The Kindness Machine is for the reader and listener to know that they have a superpower – and that superpower is kindness. I want my audience, kids and adults alike, to know that being kind to others and being kind to yourself are both important. 


Filling a Void

The concept of self-love and self-kindness are missing in children’s literature, and I am so proud to include this idea in my picture book. I read a book called The Five Side Effects of Kindness by David R. Hamilton. He explains that kindness makes us happier, is good for the heart, slows aging, improves relationships, and is contagious. There are many articles about how kindness reduces stress and improves our overall mood. These are reasons why being kind is even more important.


The Kindness Machine officially launches on Tuesday, March 22, 2022. You can purchase the book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, and wherever books are sold. Support your local bookstores and order from there – you can also request the book from your local library! 


Encourage your kids and grandkids to read, or read aloud to them. Children learn from the adults in their lives,
and we can teach kids to be kind through reading and through action. Unsplash photo.

As part of our kindness campaign in conjunction with the book’s release, we are encouraging people to purchase the book and add it to a Little Free Library in your town, another state, or even another country! I hope you will help spread kindness by purchasing The Kindness Machine, taking a picture with the book in a little library and your location, and using the hashtag #thekindnessmachine on your social media platforms. Together we can spread kindness, one book at a time. 

Giveaway and Christina’s Contact Info

Christina and her team offer an opportunity to win a free copy of her new book. You can also follow the author on social media and visit her website. You’ll find all that information below:


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