Historical Romance Weaves Wyoming History, Christian Faith, into Collection

Jan 02, 2024 by Gayle M Irwin
Fort Laramie played a pivotal role in American and Wyoming history. The site is now managed by the National Park Service.

Fort Laramie. Fort Caspar. Fort Bridger. All played an important role in American history, and all were located in what became the state of Wyoming. Several of these areas, plus the famous North Platte River, also played a significant role for pioneers traveling through the area, and some are mentioned in this newly-released book The Legacy of the Rocking K Ranch


Four separate stories by four authors about four prominent female characters and their love interests are found in this book, published by Barbour, a Christian publishing house. Each story focuses on a different female character and the joys and travails those characters experience in the great plains and high mountain areas of Wild West Wyoming. One of my author friends, D.J. Gudger, is a featured author in this set of stories. The other three authors, Mary Connealy, Becca Whitham, and Kimberley Woodhouse, are established and noted Christian romance authors; they are also friends with D.J.  How delightful they share this collection! 


I read the book during Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed the four stories! Each author put her heart into the story she wrote and wove elements of the previous work(s) into her story. I enjoyed the heart of each story, the strength of the women portrayed, and the faith exhibited through the trials, struggles, and challenges the female characters experienced as well as the strength of family portrayed.



The detailed research the authors did that went into portions of the stories, especially the history of certain battles, shines in their works. My friend D.J. Gudger wrote her story incorporating a battle near Platte Bridge Station, what became Fort Caspar, named after fallen soldier Caspar Collins. Such research takes a lot of time so kudos to all the contributing authors for spending that time to ensure accuracy in the true aspects of their stories.


The authors also portray Native Americans with sensitivity and showcase the sad truth of both sides of the 1800s attitudes and actions. I especially liked how they incorporated native main characters and culture into the stories.


For those who enjoy sweet historical romance and a true accounting of western history, The Legacy of the Rocking K Ranch will be a great book to add to your winter reading list!


Available in e-book and print formats.


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